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GGS Online provides you with the services you need to ensure that you or your organization's digital data are secure, manageableable and needs are met. Count on us to help you prepare you or your company for various goals and assessments.

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Our Specializations

GIS and Remote Sensing

We help improve our clients’ existing information and database using advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. Our staff spatially enables data to pinpoint locations that are globally suitable for allocation of services, resources, and asset inventory.

Personal Digital and Online Assets

GGS Online supports private individuals and/or family units with their digital and online needs.  Our innovative staff assists our clients with their online asset inventories, digital process and creative development preparation for various projects; website development, blogs, photo organization, storage, or portfolios.  

Using GIS for Environmental Consulting

Our team offers solutions for air, land, and water matters using GIS to reveal patterns and relationship which may otherwise go unnoticed. The power of GIS as a tool assist in the management and communication between local, state, and federal government agencies, private and public sectors, academic communities, and cross-cultural markets.

Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response

We offer assessment and guidance for business continuity and disaster preparedness planning. Our team has expertise in conceptualization, risk evaluation, and preparation of individual disaster plans.

Business Development

At GGS Online, we facilitate market expansion for a variety of industries, such as banking, government, education and science, environmental and conservation, as well as natural resources and utilities.


Hurricane Katrina and Rita Significant Maps

  • Principal served as a Senior GIS Analyst for FEMA’s Geographic Information Unit (GIU) where 22 to 45 Federal and Contract employees produced approximately 7,500 unique map products
  • Compiled most frequently utilized spatial data and map products from GIU, all using ESRI ArcGIS TM software
  • Encompassed a variety of data sets created in the GIU; data from fieldwork; data from Emergency Support Function sections or previously existing data
  • Provided critical decision-making tools vital to the managers of response, rescue, relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts

Mapping Backwind Trajectories in 2005

  • GIS principles and tools were used to map ozone backwind trajectories
  • This was the first time GIS technology was used to map ozone backwind trajectories
  • Using GIS applications aids greatly in communicating complex environmental issues and regulatory compliance

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